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Positive approaches
that transform mealtime

Mealtime Rediscovered gives therapists knowledge and easy to use strategies to help parents take back mealtimes
Course Details
Here at Mealtime Rediscovered, we focus on empowering therapists with behavioral skills that make mealtimes enjoyable for all.

We believe in

Providing easy-to-use strategies for mealtime

A collaborative approach that includes Speech, Occupational Therapy and Psychology

Giving families the strength and confidence to improve meals at home

A compassionate approach that takes family lifestyle and setting into account

Where we start

We realize that it is often difficult to see therapy goals generalize to the home setting. Often you work with the children separate from the parents. They do not have the skill set you have to work through things on their own. I’m sure there are times when disruptive mealtime behaviors get in the way of treatment goals. Training in feeding behaviors can help you get families more involved, have a way to better educate them about your strategies, and learn how to work with children with challenging behaviors.

What we offer

Our aim with these courses is to present information to help feeding therapists understand children’s behaviors around food (especially anxiety and disruptive behaviors), how to use positive intervention strategies to modify these behaviors, and to make long-lasting changes to their feeding. Another goal is to assist you with teaching parents these strategies, helping them overcome obstacles in place, and making your therapy goals generalize to the home setting. Therapists will be able to integrate these strategies into their tool kits and are not likely to contradict your training, no matter your background.

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What our clients say

Dr. Kim Brown puts her life into her work. She has helped our son learn to enjoy eating when no one else could. What was such an emotional struggle for our family Dr. Kim Brown assured us from the start, she was determined and devoted to helping. Our lives are forever changed for the better thanks to Dr. Kim Brown. She truly is our son's doctor angel!

Participating in food therapy with Dr. Brown was a life-changing event. Eliminating stress around meal times and helping our child thrive is something we are eternally grateful for. Even years later we are still utilizing the skills we learned. Feeding therapy helped my child gain confidence and enjoyment around food as well as being able to participate in family meals. Dr. Brown was there every step of the way guiding us as parents so that we could have the confidence and knowledge to implement at home. We will never forget our time in feeding therapy and are forever grateful.

As occupational therapists, we have lots of opportunities for continuing education. For those of us working in pediatric feeding, we learn about the mechanics of feeding and developmental progression but still, we struggle with moving forward with some kids. Teaching about a safe and supportive behavioral approach that respects the child and allows you to move forward with the skills that you have obtained is what Dr. Brown is all about. Having worked with her personally I have seen her calm a child, support a parent, and stay on task to support the skill that I am working to address. Learning how to apply aspects of behavioral therapy directly to your feeding therapy allows you to move forward and address the skills that you have trained to address.

Dr. Kim Brown is an excellent educator for both families and feeding therapists. She offers education in a warm and kind manner that is easy to understand and implement. She provides additional education as needed either by request or by the use of her keen awareness and observation. Dr. Kim Brown is easy to understand, easy to work side by side and demonstrates efficient and effective skills in the management of feeding difficulties. I would recommend Dr. Kim Brown due to her abundance of knowledge and well and her kind and understanding spirit.

Dr. Brown is amazing as an instructor and mentor. Her expertise with assessment and treatment of pediatric feeding challenges is incomparable. Dr. Brown’s ability to teach behavioral management strategies, provide guidance in treatment planning, and consult on challenging cases has been so beneficial to my work with families and children. Feeding disorders are a significant concern to both the affected families and to the providers who treat them, and Dr. Brown breaks down the steps to create impactful treatment planning and effective intervention. I highly recommend this program for all providers who work with children and families.